Aljournal Miller

Portrait of Aljournal Miller by Duke Wells

For years, fisherman Miller could be found at his seaside office – a prosperous conch stand set against the backdrop of the ocean at Montague Beach. He had been in business there since 1982, and proudly boasted that his stand was the first of its kind at Montague. Eventually the spot became a popular location… Continue reading Aljournal Miller

Gertrude Burnside

Portrait of Gertrude Burnside by Duke Wells

February 14 1918 – January 27th, 2016 Gertrude Burnside was born on Valentine’s Day and until her passing at 97 years of age, in 2016, still lived in the same house in which she raised her children. Mrs Burnside’s portrait was taken in the house directly across the street from the one where she spent… Continue reading Gertrude Burnside

Sharon Turner

Portrait of Sharon Turner by Duke Wells

Known for her poignant and hard-hitting column, Sharon Turner is a writer and inadvertent social activist. She is determined to do her part in correcting some of the social ills that continue to affect the Bahamas. Her part, as she sees it, is to bring awareness to issues and shed light on facts that are… Continue reading Sharon Turner

Alexander P. Maillis

Portrait Photograph of Alexander P. Maillis by Duke Wells

August 14, 1916 – October 3, 2015 Bahamian of Greek descent, born August 14, 1916, Alexander P. Maillis, World War II veteran and politician, became an attorney at age 50. A founding member of the United Bahamian Party, he later joined the Progressive Liberal Party. After World War II, he operated The Imperial – a… Continue reading Alexander P. Maillis

Rev. Earle Francis

Portrait photograph of Reverend Earle Francis by Duke Wells

Reverend Earle Francis (now deceased) was a devout and beloved pastor, dedicated church goer and faithful husband to his wife, Marjorie, for over 65 years. Together they had 11 children – including Junkanoo pioneer Percy “Vola” Francis and Reverend Joseph Francis – 14 grandchildren, and several great-grandchildren. During World War II, Reverend Francis served as… Continue reading Rev. Earle Francis