Dr. Davidson Hepburn

Davidson Hepburn photographed by Duke Wells

Former Diplomat, Author Dr. Davidson Hepburn has lived a life dedicated to public service and diplomacy. Born in 1932, he went from the shores of Cat Island to representing 193 countries on the international front as the president of the 35th Session of the General Conference of the United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization… Continue reading Dr. Davidson Hepburn

Cliffie Humes

Portrait of Cliffie Humes by Duke Wells

Barber Clifford Humes has been a barber for 50 years. His interest in opening a barber shop emerged in 1964 while he was still in high school. By 1967 he had completed his college training and passed the Florida State Board certification. Cliffie says that barbering is both an art and a science. His style,… Continue reading Cliffie Humes

Cleophas Adderley

Portrait Photograph of Cleophas Adderley by Donald Knowles

Composer Cleophas Adderley is a pillar in the cultural development of The Bahamas. After some 14 years working the field of law, first in private practice and then as legal advisor at the offices of the Attorney General, he became the Founder/Director of the Bahamas National Youth Choir. An accomplished composer, Cleophas composed the first… Continue reading Cleophas Adderley

Charlie Smith

Portrait of Charlie Smith by Duke Wells

Fishing Guide, Inventor of the ‘Crazy Charlie’ Fly Born on Grand Cay, Abaco, in 1936, Charlie Smith got an early start as a fishing guide when his father took him fishing with Ernest Hemingway. As a young boy Charlie was guiding grown men on the saltwater flats of Abaco, fishing for bonefish, barracuda, permit and… Continue reading Charlie Smith

Candia Dames

Portrait Photograph of Candia Dames by Donald Knowles

Journalist Considered one of the the most influential journalists in the country, Candia has cut a new path in investigative journalism. Known for the power of her pen, she is committed to ethics and accuracy in her reporting. A proud product of the public school system, she was exposed to journalism by critiquing The Nassau… Continue reading Candia Dames