Hubert Ingraham

Hubert Ingraham photographed by Duke Wells

Former Prime Minister of The Bahamas

Born August 4, 1947 in Pine Ridge, Grand Bahama, the young Hubert grew up in Cooper’s Town, Abaco, the son of an earnest stevedore in a hard-working, blue-collar family.

Despite these humble beginnings he rose to prominence, elected as both the 2nd and 4th Prime Minister of the Bahamas. As such, Mr Ingraham has played a pivotal role in forming stability in the Bahamas.

He has also found success as a representative for both parties, with the PLP from 1975-1986 and the FNM from 1990-present.

Mr. Ingraham enabled freedom of speech when he opened broadcasting to the private sector ad thusly the very people who might criticize him today, can do so openly, candidly, and without fear of reprisal on the nations airwaves.

Ingraham also served as a senior partner at Christie, Ingraham & Co., a law firm started by him and current Prime Minister Perry Christie.

Mr. Ingraham is married to Delores Miller of Long Island, with whom he has six children; he resigned from public office on May 7, 2012.