Myles Munroe

Myles Munroe photo from Bahamas Faith Ministries

Evangelist, Ordained Minister, Author, Leadership Consultant

Myles Munroe was by far one of the greatest Bahamian pastors the world has ever seen. An evangelist, teacher, author, mentor, husband, and father his existence touched the lives of many and brought hope and happiness to millions across the world.

Munroe was known widely for founding the Bahamas Faith Ministries International and Myles Munroe International. Through his ministry, he spread the gospel with profound teachings about Christianity and the journey of life.

Pastor Myles Munroe had an upbringing that would shock most people. He wasn’t born a Christian and with eleven siblings he grew up very poor in Bain Town. During his teenage years, he decided to give his life to Christ and this is when the path to his destiny truly began.

He went on to study Theology along with Fine Arts for his Bachelor’s degree from Oral Roberts University. He later attended the University of Tulsa to study administration and quickly after his graduation, he founded the Bahamas Faith Ministries International.

What set Pastor Myles Munroe apart from the average pastor is that he would also talk about life experiences and influence a lot of people who attended his sermons, Naturally, his popularity began growing far and wide and he was invited all across the globe to lecture. Throughout his lifetime, Myles traveled to and gave lectures in nearly 80 countries. He was gifted in ministering, teaching, and writing books, he was the author and co-author of over 30 books some of them being Myles Munroe on Relationship, God’s Big Idea, Overcoming the Crisis, Understanding the Purpose and Power of Prayer are Just some of his books which went on to become best sellers. Munroe was also a contributing editor to different Bible editions like The African Cultural Heritage Topical Bible.

For all his contribution to the world and religion, Myles Munroe was bestowed with many honors. The honorary OBE (Order of the British Empire) and The Bahamian Silver Jubilee Award were two of the major ones.

Myles Munroe was married to Ruth Munroe who was also a Pastor along with him in the Bahamas Faith Ministries International. The couple had two kids, son Myles Jr a.k.a Chairo, and daughter Charisa.

The world mourned when Myles Munroe and his wife Ruth tragically passed away in November of 2014 in a private plane crash. But we must remember just like Pastor Myles Munroe always said, “The biggest tragedy in life isn’t death, but a life that was led with no purpose.”We can gladly say through his teachings and the wisdom he shared he led a purposeful life.

Written by: Alexis Clarke