Romeo Farrington

Romeo Farrington photo by Scharad Lightbourne

Award-Winning Taxi & Chauffeur Entrepreneur

In 1965 Romeo Farrington started his limousine taxi business in hopes of one day becoming the best limousine service in the world. Betting on his entrepreneurial abilities resulted in him becoming well-known not only in the hospitality industry but globally for his influence.

Romeo is undeniably the most famous taxi driver in The Bahamas with an extensive resume. In 1993 he won the 18th International Award for the tourist and hotel industry in Madrid Spain, The Cacique lifetime achievement award which was his second Cacique Award.

Romeo was also a part of the first Bahama Host class in 1978 where he graduated with a plaque for his outstanding performance and won The National Tourism Achievement Award the following year.

His impressive fleet of vehicles put The Bahamas in the American National Limousine International Directory, and he was noted as the first to bring over the Daimler limousines for his business.

Aside from the tourism industry Romeo has also made headlines for his many television appearances and on one occasion simply demanding respect.

In 1998 while waiting in the ocean club lobby for his clients he was unjustly ordered out of the hotel by Mr. Morio, a new employee at the hotel from South Africa.
This was during a time when Bahamians were skeptical about a resort being owned by a South African native and the expats that would follow, considering the mistreatment of black Africans during apartheid.

Mr. Morio eventually wrote an apology to Romeo but the damage was done. He was fired from Ocean Club and quickly moved back to South Africa. Those who witnessed Mr. Morio and his family leave the hotel said Morio sobbed on his way out of the hotel and this scene was brought to life by a Sideburns sketch.

This ordeal quickly made National news and was even mentioned in the Senate by then-senator Fred Mitchell who believed this happened because of Romeo’s skin color and demanded an apology. Another interesting fact about Romeo is his impressive list of movie cameos, he even has an IMDb bio. He’s made appearances in movies such as James Bond’s Never say never again, Roy Clarke’s TV special, Jaws The Revenge and Love Boat: Valentine’s Special.

Today, 57 years later Romeo is still running his business and having fun with it too! He’s made an impact in the lives of many and undoubtedly deserves his flowers.

Written by: Alexis Clarke