Sir Lynden Pindling

Sir Lynden Pindling photo from BIS

First Prime Minister of The Bahamas

Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling was a Bahamian politician who led the nation to its majority rule in 1967 and to independence in 1973.

Known as “Father of the Nation”, Sir Lynden served as the first black premier of the Bahama Islands and as Prime Minister of the Bahamas for twenty-three years. His face is depicted on the Bahamian one dollar note and the Bahamian International Airport is named in his honour.

Born in his grandfather’s house in Mason’s Addition, Nassau, Sir Lynden worked for his father’s grocery store as a boy, delivering groceries on the handlebars of his bike. Sir Lynden was promoted to chief delivery boy as a replacement for his co-worker and longtime neighbour, Sidney Poitier.

Sir Lynden studied law at King’s College, University of London and was Called to the Bar in 1953. That same year, Pindling served as a legal advisor to the newly-formed Progressive Liberal Party (PLP).

In 1956, Sir Lynden married Marguerite McKenzie of Long Bay Cays, Andros, at St. Ann’s Parish on Fox Hill Road. They remained married for forty-four years until Sir Lynden’s passing. Together they had four children: Obafemi, Leslie, Monique, and Michelle.