Edison “Fast Eddie” Dames

Edison "Fast Eddie" Dames by Duke Wells

Edison “Fast Eddie” Dames has played a key part in Bahamian Culture. A famed Junkanoo veteran for over thirty years, he is recognized for both his trademark “Gandalfian” beard and as the lead dancer for the Saxons. As Assistant Director of Culture, he has organized youth-oriented events and activities intended to encourage Bahamian youth to… Continue reading Edison “Fast Eddie” Dames

James Catalyn

Born January 6, 1940 James Julius Catalyn is a Bahamian essayist and playwright who writes about the unique aspects of Bahamian life and culture. He believes strongly in preserving the Bahamian dialect. With his group of talented performers, he has travelled extensively throughout the Bahamas and internationally, to share his social and political satires. In… Continue reading James Catalyn

Eileen Carron

Eileen Carron by Duke Wells

Eileen Carron, Editor and Publisher of The Tribune, has been recognized as one of the most influential women in the Bahamas. In 1972, she took the reins from her father, the late Sir Etienne Dupuch. Strong-willed and unflinching, she is known for voicing her opinions and rarely shies away from controversy. She was the second… Continue reading Eileen Carron

Jamaal Rolle

Jamaal Rolle by Duke Wells

Jamaal Rolle, known as “The Celebrity Artist,” is an award-winning Bahamian visual artist, popular for his hand-drawn portraits of famous political, entertainment, and sports figures. His critically-acclaimed portraits include those of U.S. President Barack Obama, Prince Harry of Wales, Sir Sidney Poitier, Oprah Winfrey, Lenny Kravitz, Johnny Depp, Mark Wahlberg, Michael Jordan and the Pope.… Continue reading Jamaal Rolle

Erin Brown

Erin Brown by Duke Wells

Erin Brown is a locally celebrated Bahamian triathlete. She lost her leg to bone cancer several years ago when she was twenty-three. She refused to be dragged down by the disease, having, as a teen, watched her mother slowly die of cancer. Erin is energetic, determined and has an abundantly positive attitude that is infectious.… Continue reading Erin Brown