Sir Lynden Pindling

Sir Lynden Pindling photo from BIS

Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling was a Bahamian politician who led the nation to its majority rule in 1967 and to independence in 1973.

Philip ‘Brave’ Davis

Prime Minister of the Bahamas Philip Brave Davis photo by Chris Jackson

Philip Edward ‘Brave’ Davis is a Bahamian politician and the current (2023) Prime Minister of the Bahamas.

Myles Munroe

Myles Munroe photo from Bahamas Faith Ministries

Myles Munroe was by far one of the greatest Bahamian pastors the world has ever seen.

Timothy Gibson

Timothy Gibson photo from Bahamas Archives

Timothy Gibson is best known for composing the National Anthem of The Bahamas “March on Bahamaland”.

Romeo Farrington

Romeo Farrington photo by Scharad Lightbourne

Romeo is undeniably the most famous taxi driver in The Bahamas with an extensive resume.