Elaine Pinder

Elaine Pinder portrait by Duke of Nassau

Elaine Ann Williams-Pinder is the entrepreneur of the Bahamian restaurant we all know and love, Bamboo Shack, but her story doesn’t start there. When Elaine was a young and budding entrepreneur her love for fashion propelled her into the fashion industry and she opened a store named “La Rose”. She would then go on to open the leading local fast-food restaurant in The Bahamas. Bamboo Shack has come a long way from its inception in 1990.

From Bamboo Shacks’ humble beginnings at the first location which was a meager 400 sq. ft. building located on Nassau Street with just two employees to presently having 6 restaurants in New Providence and one location in Miami. Bamboo Shack’s menu has a wide variety of delectable Bahamian dishes with quality ingredients.

Elaine Pinder has shown passion and a driven spirit and this is proven through the longevity of her business.

The Bamboo Shack Corporate Head Office is located on Soldier Road and The Bamboo Shack Ltd. currently employs 238 persons locally and internationally.

Written by: Alexis Clarke