Alexander P. Maillis

Portrait of Alexander P. Maillis
Portrait Photograph of Alexander P. Maillis by Duke Wells

August 14, 1916 – October 3, 2015

Bahamian of Greek descent, born August 14, 1916, Alexander P. Maillis, World War II veteran and politician, became an attorney at age 50.

A founding member of the United Bahamian Party, he later joined the Progressive Liberal Party.

After World War II, he operated The Imperial – a restaurant and nightclub that proved critical in the development of some of our most beloved musicians, and where “chicken in the bag” and “cracked conch” first became known. 

He has been a man of the sea, a land pioneer, a man of the church, a family man, a nation-builder – a man who has served his country well.

An excellent obituary of Mr Maillis can be found on the Bahamian Project website.

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