Gertrude Burnside

Portrait of Gertrude Burnside
Portrait of Gertrude Burnside by Duke Wells

February 14 1918 – January 27th, 2016

Gertrude Burnside was born on Valentine’s Day and until her passing at 97 years of age, in 2016, still lived in the same house in which she raised her children.

Mrs Burnside’s portrait was taken in the house directly across the street from the one where she spent her own childhood.

She is responsible for the upbringing of two of our country’s most celebrated artists, Stan and Jackson Burnside.

Her home was laden with memories: in the hand-crocheted lampshade covers, in the straw vases, in the artwork on the walls, and in the clusters of family photos.

Old faded photos sit alongside others bearing the faces of the newer Burnside generations.

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