Rupert Roberts

Rupert Roberts photo from Super Value

Businessman, Owner of Super Value

Rupert Roberts is a leading businessman in The Bahamas with a wealth of knowledge in the grocery chain business and the banking world.

Mr. Roberts founded the family-owned “Super Value” in 1965 and is currently the president of the Super Value Foods stores. Super Value carries internationally recognized brands and locally produced goods. Super Value started with one small store and has now become the leading chain in Bahamian supermarkets.

Mr. Roberts was also the first chairman of Commonwealth Bank Limited after its Bahamianization in 1984 assisting in its expansion after a period of stagnation under foreign ownership. Under his leadership, total assets increased by more than 700 percent to over $125 million. Additionally, net income grew from $1.3 million in 1984 to $4 million in 1992.

In 2012 Super Value founded Quality Markets which became an extension of Super Value.

Mr. Roberts has extensive holdings in commercial real estate and financial ventures throughout The Bahamas. Those interests include South Bimini International Ltd., Bahamas Paper Converting, Discount Mart Limited, and Global Bahamas Limited. As founder of Super Value, Mr. Roberts created the country’s largest all-Bahamian food store chain.

The successful superstore chain now has 13 locations across New Providence while keeping its vision of making Super Value the first choice in Bahamian food shopping.