Theodore Elyett

Theodore Elyett photo by Duke Wells

Journalist, Fashion Illustrator & Award-Winning Designer

Theodore Elyette is a Bahamian artist and celebrity fashion designer. 

From his background as a broadcast journalist to his award-winning womens wear line, Mr. Elyette has been committed to doing his part in elevating the Bahamian fashion industry and to further develop career paths for aspiring designers. 

One of the few Bahamian celebrity fashion designers, Mr. Elyette has dressed several cast members from the Real Housewives of Atlanta and created the “Queen of Junkanoo” kimono robe for Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child. 

In 2020, his collaboration with Bahama Hand Prints was inspired by a celebration of the island, featuring hand-crafted tropical prints in gradients of blue inspired by the Bahamian oceans. 

Mr. Elyette has showcased work for the royal family at Buckingham Palace and his designs have been printed in various publications such as Us Weekly, Essence, and Vogue Italia