Sir Orville Turnquest

Portrait of Sir Orville Turnquest by Duke Wells

Former Deputy Prime Minister, Fifth Governor General

Sir Orville Alton Turnquest is a Bahamian politician. 

He served as the fifth governor-general of the Bahamas as well as Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of the Bahamas.

Born in Grants Town, New Providence, Sir Orville received his Cambidge Junior & Senior Certificate at Government High School and served in the law chambers of the late Hon. A. F. Adderley. 

In 1953, he was Called to the Bahamas Bar and, in 1960, he was admitted to the English Bar. He earned a Bachelor of Laws Degree with Honours at the University of London. 

Sir Orville is married to Edith Louise Thompson. They have two daughters and one son: Caryl Antoinette Eileen Lashley, Michele Cecile Edith Fields, and Orville Alton Thompson Turnquest. 

He was knighted in 1995.